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Economic Overview and Business Opportunities in Ivory Coast

The beautiful west side of Africa is home to the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) and this is where your next business opportunity awaits.

Why the Ivory Coast is a good idea for your next business investment is because it shares borders with several other African countries. Among them include Ghana, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Guinea. Trade among the neighbours is a strong factor that contributes to the Ivory Coasts’ steady economy.


The Economic Overview

Agriculture is the strength of the Ivory Coasts’ economy. As the largest exporter and producer of cocoa beans in the world, the Ivory Coast is responsible for much of the palm oil and coffee we love. Another one of its primary exports are cashews.

Agriculture accounts for 20% of the country’s GDP. Thanks to this, approximately 48% of the country’s workforce is employed because of the agriculture sector. The oil sector has picked up in recent years, along with the mining sector. Especially with precious minerals like diamonds, gold, and nickel.

As of 2019, Ghana and the Ivory Coast have an agreement. The agreement was to increase the price of cocoa beans, with Ghana responsible for 62% of the world’s cocoa production.


Business Opportunities In the Ivory Coast

Business opportunities are abundant in the Ivory Coast for the investor with a keen eye. A lot of the economy is dependent on the farming sector. Some business options that you can consider include venturing into the palm oil or rubber production sectors.

The cocoa production business is also another sector that investors could thrive in with the right business strategies in place. If you have a love and passion for coffee, then the Ivory Coast should be the place your business calls home. Investments in agribusiness have also gone up in recent years.

The Ivory Coast is already home to several major companies. Yours could be next. If you’re not sure which industry suits you best, our 3E Accounting specialists can help walk you through it.


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