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Economic Overview & Business Opportunities

Down Mexico way. America’s neighbour to the south and Guatemala’s northern rock. Mexico is a topographical artwork, a cultural tapestry and a canvass of opportunity. It’s all climate, conquistadors and corporation, a delicate balance of history and innovation.

Mexico lies on the equator of the Americas. It enjoys the close proximity of two continental markets, and is therefore surrounded by both distinctly developed and excitable emerging economies. Opportunity for the foreign investor are indeed vast. Mexico has more free trade agreements than any other nation in the world: 12 bilateral agreements with over 43 countries.

More and more people who want to move to Mexico say that they can’t afford to stop working. Rather than give up their dream, how about this option: Start a business in Mexico. Mexico welcomes entrepreneurs who can create jobs and fill market niches. Many expats who move to Mexico start businesses there. Some work at something similar to what they were doing before. Others use the move abroad to turn a long-time hobby or interest into a money-making activity.

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David Wright
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