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Why Setup Your Business in Seychelles

Economic Overview & Business Opportunities

Seychelles is a very popular jurisdiction to establish an offshore company. Once the company is incorporated, a bank account can be set-up in many of the leading financial centers around the world.

Companies operating in Seychelles are governed by the Companies Act 1972. The promoter has to register their business at the office of the Registrar General. The Act stipulates that in order to engage in any business activity a company shall be registered with the Registrar of Companies. A declaration should accompany the Memorandum of Association to be submitted by the company.

An IBC registered in the Seychelles remains the most popular option and in several ways it is similar to the BV IBC which is considered as a benchmark for an offshore corporation. The Seychelles Business Act which was introduced in 1994 has seen the registration of more than 30,000 IBS with over 600 companies being registered each month.

There are several advantages in registering an IBC in the Seychelles. The foremost of this is that no tax is paid on such a company. The IBC is not in any way subjected to taxes or duties on its income or its profits. Additionally if one is a shareholder in an IBC, you are not liable to pay and tax from the income which comes from that IBC. Chapter 109 from the Seychelles Business Act actually confirms this in writing.

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