Trust Services with Global Accounting Firm

Trust ServicesAny legal entity that functions as a trustee, an agent, or a fiduciary representing a business entity or a person with an objective of management, administration, as well as, asset transfer to the beneficial parties is referred to a trust services organization.

We at 3E Accounting, in association with our dependable affiliates, can help you to utilize your wealth and funds to provide support to all those people you care for, maximize what is left for your dear ones by you, and plan for your changing requirements. We have a dedicated expert team who can also help you in minimizing the impact of taxes.


Financial Legacy

Many people look at trust as their most crucial financial legacy created by them that has assets they have safeguarded for many years. Thus, it is highly imperative to hire the right consultants as they can guide and assist you in forming a trust that can work in the best possible manner for you. Every trust is created to fulfill a particular requirement and preparing one, which is simply apt for you can depend on various factors. Once hired, we will work closely with you to help and guide you in choosing the trust that is the best for you, as well as, your future generation. You need to also remember how hard you have worked all those years and should not just hand over your financial responsibility to simply anyone.


Legal Responsibilities

Our team of trustees takes leverage of their several years of experience in managing different kinds of trusts and offers you a taste of their operational expense. Based on your specific requirements, our trustees will function as successor trustee, co-trustee, or sole trustee. We know that our clients’ trusts vary in terms of their structures and so do their requirements. We always listen to the clients actively and customize our service offerings according to their individual specific needs. We also handle those legal responsibilities, which are given to us to operate the trust with great competence. We also offer assistance in discharging many other duties like

  • Hosting, organization, and coordination of board meetings and different types of meetings
  • Carry out tax and accounting responsibilities along with their reporting
  • Prepare minutes, board packs, and other reports
  • Record maintenance
  • Review of financial transactions and accounts


Why are Our Trust Services Different?

  • Continuity- Our continuity is assured as we have a huge pool of expert trustees.
  • Experience and high quality- We select our trustees for their experience, skills, and qualifications in trust management. They are suitably trained to be always in touch with the most recent advancements in governance.
  • Single provider- Apart from offering expert trust services, we also offer other supporting services like tax compliance, accounting, and reporting services.

Trust Services

We at 3E Accounting also offer you smart accounting solutions and you can be completely sure that you will enjoy support from an experienced team of experts at a reasonable rate. Contact International Accounting Networks now for your detailed trust solution.