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Liquidation ServicesWinding up, which is also referred to as liquidation, is a process wherein the assets of a company are liquidated. The company is then either deregistered or closes. The process of liquidation services can be initiated by the creditors after procuring permission from the court, which is referred to as voluntary liquidation. It can be also initiated by the company’s shareholders that are known as voluntary liquidation.

A business can liquidate by disposing of its assets and get them converted into cash so that it can settle the debts of its unsecured creditors. Any amount remaining after this procedure is then distributed among its shareholders based on their shareholdings. The process can be a tedious and long one and should be handled by experts with the essential experience and knowledge.


Company and Official Liquidation

We at 3E Accounting is one of the reputed accounting and legal services provider and can assist you through this critical time in issues pertaining to bankruptcy, company liquidation, and official liquidation as issued by the court among others.

Our experienced team members give expert pieces of advice they require for exploring the various choices that are available before them during the process of company insolvency. We have had the experience and the fortune to have worked closely with clients from different types of industries, companies, and businesses to come up with a personalized and tailored solution, which takes care of their distinct individual circumstances.

It is also our job to give a special focus to different types of management plans in the long-term, reviewing and mitigating the risks for your individual and business requirements. One of the key reasons for us being successful in this field is that we charge fair prices and boast of a successful team.


Why Select Us?

It is our responsibility to always:

  • Offer realistic pieces of advice to you always. You can trust our practical, commercial, and honest advice
  • Get the right and tailored solutions for your business and you at fair prices
  • Can support your business with the right kind of team. Our team members are trained, experienced, efficient, and friendly to take care of your specific requirements
  • Assist you with the right kind of advice irrespective of fees so that you can rely upon us

We at 3E Accounting have experienced and seasoned liquidators who can guide and assist you well throughout the liquidation process. A liquidator’s role is to ideally gather and make a deal with the assets of the said company. If possible, a liquidator can also distribute and settle the dues of the members and the creditors.

A liquidator also has the responsibility for investigating into the reasons for the failure of a business. They must adhere to specific time-frames as laid down by the relevant legislation. After a business is about to liquidate, the liquidator has to distribute notices to the known creditors. In fact, the liquidator has to even make a decision to take the necessary actions against the third parties and the directors apart from the court proceedings. It is a time-consuming process and should be handled typically by professionals similar to the ones in 3E Accounting.

Liquidation Services
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