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Economic Overview & Business Opportunities

What to Expect When You’re Planning to Do Business in The Netherlands

As a competitive, stable, welcoming, and rewarding environment, the Netherlands has been a top choice for investors because of the potential for business opportunities.


Economic Overview of Netherlands

The Dutch economy has been a strong powerhouse for decades, able to hold its own on the global stage. In fact, its GDP per capita is more than the EU average. Netherlands has always been ahead of most nations, even ranking as one of the most competitive economies globally per the World Economic Forum. The economic overview of the country is looking strong. Despite the slowdown of many nations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Netherlands still maintained its fifth-place rank as a competitive nation in the 2020 Global Innovations Index.


The Business Opportunities in The Netherlands

As a competitive business nation, investors will be pleased with the government-sponsored incentives available. Innovators stand to gain from these fiscal endeavours. Netherlands has created a welcoming environment for international investors. As of 2019, it was reported at a record number of foreign-based companies had taken advantage of the business opportunities awaiting them.

Netherlands proves to be a favourable business environment thanks to its strategic location. With 95% of some of the most lucrative European markets a mere 24-hours’ drive away, this is one of the best places an investor could hope to set up their business.

The country is prosperous and it is dependent on foreign trade. Any investor with an innovative idea is going to quickly find a home here. Among the other reasons for the strong, dynamic, and robust competitive environment include the following:

  • A workforce that is both highly educated and multilingual.
  • It is country that is open to new ways of thinking.
  • The dynamic and diverse workforce.
  • The available state-of-the-art infrastructure with ports, airports, waterways, and railways.
  • It embraces digitalisation, innovation, and sustainability.
  • It is a member of the European Union, World Trade Organisation, and OECD.

The economic overview and business opportunities available in the Netherlands will continue to remain strong as long as the country continues to foster its unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit. In 2020, it was ranked as the fourth best nation to be in for innovators, and it is for this reason that the nation will continue to hold strong for many more decades to come.

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