Business Formation Services with Global Accounting Firm

Business Formation ServicesThe process of adding a new angle to a business strategically and legally is called incorporation. When you hire a reputable firm like 3E Accounting, you will have a cakewalk as you can experience quality business formation services. In order to run a business smoothly, the guidance of a professional firm helps to regulate tax-related and legal issues.

There are several challenges while forming a business starting from handling the extensive paperwork to legal matters. It is our endeavor at 3E Accounting to make the process as fast as possible and easy. When you have the support of experienced professionals to guide you, you can be sure that things move smoothly. Plus, you can save money, as well as, plenty of time so that you can concentrate on expanding your business. We can assist and guide you from the beginning. It is our responsibility to help you with various aspects starting from registering the business to securing its name with the relevant authorities.


Certificate of Incorporation by The Authorities

Next, we will assist you with the submission of all incorporation documents until you obtain a Certificate of Incorporation by the Authorities. We will also assist you in opening a corporate bank account upon incorporation and also with tax registration. Ensuring proper tax registration is critical and all companies must be registered with the Tax Authorities. Also, depending on your company’s business, one may need to obtain business licenses upon the incorporation of the company.


Relevant Documents and Organizational Meetings

There are some service providers that will simply file the papers for a Limited Liability Company or incorporation and simply leave the remaining tasks to you. As such, you may feel completely lost and keep figuring out ways of setting up your business, sign relevant waivers and documents, and hold organizational meetings.

The truth is when a corporation has not fulfilled the relevant procedures after the formation; it will not be regarded as a distinct entity as far as the law is concerned.

Once your filing formality is done with, we will offer you a full operational agreement, corporate documents, as well as, all required meetings that are ready for signature.


Free Services for The First Year

While some other consultants may charge exorbitantly high for offering their business formation services to you, we would like to feel that we are different from them. Once you compare the prices and the services, you will realize why we can serve you so well. There are many such service providers in the market who charge a reduced fee or offer even free services for the 1st year. However, they explode their fees very soon. Thus, make sure you do a proper comparison of prices versus services before finalizing one.

What is even more important is we are friendly, supportive, and fast. We always try to respond to your emails as soon as possible. In fact, we also try to answer all the phone calls and your queries as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, innumerable companies have been incorporated with our support and assistance. If you select us, you can be fully certain that your filing will be done properly. Even if your filing gets rejected for any reason (although it is quite rare), it is our responsibility to get it corrected.

Business Formation Services

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