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A Reliable Alliance Accounting Network that Provides Professional and Excellent Services Worldwide

3E Accounting is an international accounting network for experienced professionals to offer high-quality one-stop solution professional and compliance services on both local and international fronts. The members of 3E global accounting network undertake and are committed to providing effective and efficient services to support clients in bringing their businesses to the next level of success internationally.

Top International Association of One Stop Solution Accounting Firms

3E Accounting International accounting network, global corporate service provider will only admit accountancy companies or firms that have strong professional background and product know-how knowledge within their local jurisdiction like the back of their hand and who have experience in handling clients internationally. We are the Accounting Alliance which consist of top international accounting firms worldwide.

Our Accounting Alliance members will embrace a service culture that emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness through personal touch, swift response times, reliability and innovative thinking.

And by working together within the global framework provided by the International alliance of global accounting firms, member firms can provide integrated one stop solution services and international accounting services to our clients.

We will continue to strive to become the leading Global accounting firms, Accounting networks and associations both in the region and globally.


Extending High Quality Accounting Advice

Our international alliance of worldwide accounting firms offer international accountancy advice and one stop accounting solutions regarding the following niches:

  • Business setups
  • Accounting Tax
  • Audit
  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance Planning and Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Consulting
  • Human Resource
  • Virtual Office Setups and Bankruptcy
  • Legal Services
  • IT Solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Stamp & Seal Making

Our Services

Worldwide accounting firms, members of our 3E Accounting network can offer collectively a wide spectrum of international accountancy professional services including International Accounting Services, Advisory, Secretarial, Taxation, Human Resources, Striking Off, Immigration & Work Pass application, Virtual Office, Incorporation of Company, Stamp & Seal Making, Legal Services, IT Solution

Our alliance accounting member firms serve companies of all different sizes in the private and public sectors and work together in a coordinated approach to provide services in each jurisdiction and across geographic borders.

Put your confidence in 3E Accounting members, Global Corporate Service Provider – you will be surprised by the

  • Friendly welcome
  • High levels of service
  • Sophisticated nature of the advice, and
  • Personal touch approach by the staff members

Global One Stop Solution Centre by Top international accounting firms for your Business

Established in Singapore in 2011, 3E Accounting has grown to become a leading global accounting network in the world. With a network spanning over 50 countries Accounting Alliance across the globe, each member is a separate legal and independent entity (accountancy companies) and promises the best service money can buy. In fact, 3E is the first global accounting network that only admits firms with solid professional backgrounds and product knowledge.

By sharing knowledge and expertise among the network worldwide accounting firms, 3E ensures synchronization of all project collaboration tools, consistency of company processes and transparency. This allows our group to provide clients comprehensive end-to-end service with speed and accuracy from around the globe.

Offering a host of services ranging from Incorporation of companies, Compliances, Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Legal, Human Resources, Immigration and Work Pass Applications, 3E is your definite one-stop solution provider.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, we as a global accounting firms, guarantee the highest level of customer service from our dedicated, professional members. Rest assured that you are getting connected to a broad network of firms, while still enjoying the personal care and attention you deserve to move forward.

Unlike many other independent accounting and consulting firms, we at 3E are not afraid to take the next step forward to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

Our team of dedicated professionals will provide you all the support and resources you need to get ahead of the competition. We take pride in what we do and we are always there for you and together, we will create the future.

If you would like to have a complimentary, no-obligation consultation before setting up your company, kindly contact us today, we will gladly discuss ways in which we can help you set up your business quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Mission

To offer services with the concept of “Three E’s”: efficiency, effectiveness and economy – as part of our One-Stop Solution services for our clients.

Our Vision

The World’s leading corporate service provider, offering services beyond excellence.

Our Values

  • Our clients are our top priority
  • We listen and communicate
  • All of our dealings reflect integrity, trust, transparency and professionalism
  • All services we render must be of excellent quality
  • Having our clients benefit from our value-driven pricing

Our Global Partners

Our Global Accounting Network’s Partners get an opportunity to learn from those who see things differently through their own cultures, marketplaces and business practices. It gives them the leverage to overcome client perceptions that they are not equipped to handle complicated client engagements or cases that extend beyond international borders.

Rather than losing their growing clients to the bigger players in the market, our International accounting group partners are able to stay competitive and even win new clients that ordinarily may have engage services from a larger service provider.

3E Accounting alliance members also provide high quality accounting advice to public and private firms of all sizes, extending accounting services to every jurisdiction beyond geographic limitations. Honest, warm, friendly and personal approach complemented with high levels of advice and services is the trademark of our members.

Working with clients from diverse cultures gives members of 3E international accounting group a platform to understand and learn unique perspectives related to different business practices and marketplaces. This also enables our members to meet expectations of international clients instead of losing them to bigger competitive firms in their industry. Our accounting networks and associations currently extend to three main countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


Excellent Business Platform of Startup Companies

Last but not the least, 3E Accounting provides an excellent platform for startups to register and execute all legal formalities such as accounting, taxation, secretarial and marketing formations to meet professional standards, timeliness and values in the most cost effective way.

To stay on top of the ever changing trends, international accounting agencies also need to work on innovative methods and intellectual capacities and 3E Accounting provides just that opportunity to counter these challenges. The unique business approach helps firms to extend their services including a full range of portfolio to improve profitability, as an integral part of the accounting network.

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