Partnership Criteria

The importance of high international association standards
As a leading global accounting firm alliance, 3E Accounting is highly selective when appointing independent firms as members of the network. Every firm interested in joining us is required to meet strict membership criteria and to pass our thorough due diligence review process aimed at protecting the good reputation of the alliance and member firms as well as to maintain the high standards of our network and member firms.  Existing members will also be subjected to ongoing, informal reviews from time to time in order to maintain the standards and confirmation of their ability to meet these criteria.

Our due diligence process consists of:

  • An initial membership enquiry form
  • Discussions with the longest established members in the country, if applicable
  • A detailed application form to assess if key membership criteria are met
  • An on-site visit may be conducted by a 3E Accounting International representative to review working practices
  • Membership processing time varies depending on the complexity of the application, but typically the Board will be able to either make a decision or give initial feedback on the application within 1 to 2 weeks of receiving the application form.

Alliance membership criteria
3E Accounting’s partner selection criteria emphasise on quality control, experience and professional service standards across a range of disciplines. These disciplines as listed below are what the firms will need to address and maintain in order to capitalize on the opportunity to represent a region exclusively.

  • High professionalism and ethical standards
  • Good standing within your region
  • A member of the relevant local professional accountancy institute
  • Not affiliated with any competing international association or network of accounting firms
  • A one-stop solution centre for your clients
  • Reasonable overlap of core expertise
  • A commitment to superior client service
  • A commitment to respond to all correspondences within 24 hour
  • Disclosure of any professional claims
  • English speaking capacity at partner level
  • Fee transparency (no hidden charges)
  • Encouraged use of 3E Accounting branding on website
  • Committed to market the firm and to participate in the promotion of the network.
  • Adherence to Strategic Partnership agreement

To demonstrate your interest in 3E Accounting International membership, please complete our initial membership enquiry form. For further information and to initiate a correspondence regarding partnership, please email us at