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Why Setup Business In Pakistan

Economic Overview & Business Opportunities

Bordered by four countries – Afghanistan, China, India & Iran, Pakistan is a country located in the northwestern part of the South Asian subcontinent. Pakistan territory stretches from the Arabian Sea and the Indus River plains across the eastern desert and the Baluchistan Plateau to the mountain ranges of the north, occupies great geostrategic importance in economy and trade.

Pakistan was one of the few developing countries that had achieved significant economic growth over the years. Throughout the history, Pakistan’s economic growth has seen some salient features such as Pakistan is self-sufficient in most food production it has emerged as one of the leading and successful producers of cotton and cotton textiles. In addition to that, Pakistan has developed a highly diversified base of manufactured products for domestic and world markets. The comprehensive infrastructure network with a vast network of gas, power, roads and highways, ports and telecommunication facilities have contributed to the rapidly-growing economy of Pakistan.  In fact, the poverty rate in Pakistan has declined significantly due to these impressive achievements in income, consumption, agriculture and industrial production.

On top pf that, the Government of Pakistan has initiated a comprehensive economic reform program where the economy recovered as a result of sound macroeconomic policies and structural reforms. The agriculture sector is one of the important industry that backbones the country’s economic growth. Agriculture sector employs nearly 50 percent of the labor force and accounts more than 50 percent of export earnings. Among others, cotton, wheat and rice are the main export crops that contribute to the country’s exportation figure as well as the country’s average annual growth rate.

A Snapshot of Why Invest in Pakistan?

  1. Geographical significance – Pakistan’s strategic location at the junction point on trade route of some important countries has positioned the country as the idea trading hub in South Asia
  2. Adequate space for agriculture – Rich soil, adequate space and environments gives Pakistan enormous places for expansion and deployment of fresh corporate ventures.
  3. Well-trained labor – Skilled, technical and low-cost labor is available in Pakistan.
  4. Persistently foreign Investment trend – Pakistan is rising as one of the potential investment hotspots with its significant growth in investment.

On a final note, Pakistan remains a land of opportunities for foreign investors in many sectors. If you are looking for foreign investment opportunities in South Asia, Pakistan has a lot to offer.

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