Many people don’t really know South America is the rising as another economy powerhouse. Just as Asia is ripe with business opportunities, South America have plenty of opportunities for those who have solid business ideas. As a region has a fast-growing economy, South America has many industries and a flourishing trade and import-export market, turning it into somewhat a rising star as an economy powerhouse in the America continent.

Despite the slow pace of economic development in the past, South America has portrayed a significantly rapid economic growth in recent years. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile are among the biggest economies in South America. Agriculture remains as the major industry in South America, which encompasses a vital part of economy, with other industries like fishing, natural resources, and trade playing important roles in the economy development.

Recently, South America is gaining international attention as the region has shown tonnes of opportunities for startups. The landscape begins to change where investors and startups could find their ways in South America instead of North America. Chile, for example, has garnered for its reputation as an ideal business startup hub that has opened its doors to foreigners.

South America is not a region that is rich is natural resources and young populations, it is a hotspot for investors that they will have little to lose and a lot to gain by seeking business opportunities in Latin America.