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Marketing ServicesWhile marketing the products is not a new phenomenon due to their tangibility, the same cannot be said about the marketing services is concerned. To put it simply, it is a relatively new concept as far as a company’s marketing function is concerned. It was only in the 1980s when the concept of marketing of services emerged to the forefront. Prior to that, services offered by a business were just perceived as add-ons to goods production and marketing. However, during the mid-1980s, marketing services came up as a key sub-discipline of a company’s marketing function. Increasing importance in the growing service sector started dominating the different economies, especially in the new millennium.


Trust and Loyalty

In order to market the services of a business successfully, service marketers should be equipped with the relevant expertise, as well as, dedicate time to lessen and appreciate the customer requirements to build up trust and loyalty. Contrary to how the marketing function works for tangible products, service marketing needs to engage the consumer in the complete process. Looking at this, it is imperative to get continuous feedback from the clients and customers and also use it to improve the service offerings. After all, successful entrepreneurs know that marketing is the core function of every business.


Potential Customers

The marketing process covers activities like public relations, advertising, sales, and promotions. It is a process where an introduction of a service or product is made and then promoted to potential customers. In the absence of effective marketing, although a business could be offering the best services or products, the potential clients may not be even aware of them.


Entrepreneur Procures

Hence, it is absolutely necessary that an entrepreneur procures the finest marketing services while allowing the professionals what they are best at. Businessmen need to remember that when there is ineffective or inadequate marketing, sales can decline and businesses may be compelled to shut down.

Marketing Services

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