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Economic Overview and Business Opportunities in Bermuda

For the investor keen to set up a business in Bermuda, this economic overview and business opportunities guide is for you. Here, we will take a brief look at why you should consider setting up a business here with 3E Accounting’s help.


Economic Overview

Bermuda’s stellar economic stability is one of the many reasons it has consistently attracted investors to its shores. It may only be a small island, but it is a powerful island. With its state of the art communication systems, the economy is stable and thriving.

As an international tax haven, Bermuda’s tax system is hard to resist for many investors. With its sound legal and regulatory system, Bermuda’s economy looks solid. Especially with tourism as one of its strongest performing sectors.


What the Business Outlook Is Like

Bermuda is ripe with opportunity for the investor with a business dream and idea. If you dive deeper into the industry, you will see that a lot of notable companies are already set up in Bermuda. Your corporation could be next with our help. Even small and medium enterprises have the potential to be a powerhouse here.

There are two paths you can choose should you set up a business in Bermuda. The first is to set up a small business. Here, you would operate independently or with a partner. The second option is to set up a Bermuda Exempt company.

A Bermuda Exempt company is a company that trades internationally. However, the base of operations is in Bermuda. Some sectors to consider include insurance, tourism, and finance. Bermuda also attracts companies in the oil and gas business, as well as international marine companies.

From a business standpoint, there is definitely a financial advantage to setting up a business in Bermuda. Especially for international investors. Bermuda has a strong reputation among the international community for its good standing and integrity. In business, this is something you definitely want to look for in a country.

Its strict anti-money laundering policy makes transacting in Bermuda much safer. Business must transact with transparency, there’s no escaping that. Every business established in Bermuda is a business in good standing. Why? Because before you can lodge your application, you must undergo a series of background checks.

Only if you meet the requirements will you be able to proceed with your business application. Our experts at 3E Accounting can help to verify and conduct these checks for you.


Ready to Set Up?

If you’re ready to go ahead with your Bermuda company incorporation, we are here to help. Reach out to your friendly team at 3E Accounting and let’s begin.

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