Trademark Services

A trademark plays an important role for the commercialisation and growth of a business and basically provides the link between the goods and manufacturer. Though many may not realise it, everyone deals with trademarks on a daily basis. A consumer’s decision to purchase a particular product is often influenced by trademarks and the reputation such a brand represents.

In view of this, it is important that businesses understand the crucial role played by trademarks and how they help your business grow. However, in reality, many businesses do not take the effort to protect their right to the exclusive use of that name or logo. The reason for this is most businesses are under the impression that by incorporating a company under a particular name, they have exclusive rights to use that name and the ability to prevent others from doing so.

This is totally untrue and is the main reason why businesses must seek professional advice on how to best protect their interests. Here, at 3E, we will advice you on all you need to know on brand development and strategy, searching and application for registration of a brand name, licensing and renewals and also portfolio management. Speak to our experts now on all you need to know about trademarks and how to best protect your interests and the future of your business.

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