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Economic Overview & Business Opportunities – Poland

With its unique location in Central Europe, Poland enjoys the economic attention of both the EU and the US. Investors continue to flock to this country with its robust economic growth prospects and strategic access to EU countries. For the savvy entrepreneur, business opportunities in Poland are on the rise thanks to its largest single market status.

In the early 1500s, Poland was united and the largest and most powerful state in Europe. However, partition, subsequent world wars, and totalitarian communist rule took their toll on the country. The impetus for Poland’s independence finally began with the rise of the Solidarity Movement. 

Poland is a member of the European Union, the World Trade Organisation, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Its borders currently include the Baltic Sea, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. The nation now has a population of more than 37.8 million people and is a market-based democracy.


The Economy of Poland

The Polish economy is the sixth largest in the European Union and is well-diversified. Its gross domestic product (GDP) of USD675 billion in 2021 is forecast to grow by4.4% in 2022. Strengthening this estimate is robust EU spending, export growth, infrastructure and capital investment, and a skilled and diverse workforce.

Its main economic sectors are digital technologies in industries such as aerospace, transportation, food production, pharmaceuticals, etc. It also has good prospects in the energy sector as well as financial services and research and development. 

Business opportunities in Poland continue to expand in critical economic sectors such as agricultural products, defence technologies, etc. Its exports in 2021 were worth USD339.3 billion, while imports were at USD339.7 billion. The Government is extending its Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regime following a record high of USD24.8 billion FDI in 2021.


Why Invest in Poland

Business opportunities in Poland are emerging rapidly to discerning entrepreneurs ready to invest in this dynamic country. The country is currently the recipient of €75 billion from the European Union’s 2021-2027 budget fund. This substantial sum will improve and develop better connectivity, infrastructure, innovative technologies and entrepreneurship prospects in Poland. 

Poland is pushing towards swift adoption of the smart Internet of Things (IoT) to meet growing demand. This includes several fast-growing sectors, such as innovative digital technologies and diversification of current energy sources. At the forefront are AI-driven manufacturing technologies, smart cities, IT-supported solutions and infrastructures, as well as solid cybersecurity systems. 

Diversification of its energy sources and distribution system is also timely, especially with the Ukraine war. This encompasses the energy sector, smart grid technology installation, power plants and nuclear energy development. There will also be more significant investment in transportation with the development of its nationwide Intelligent Transport Systems. 

These measures are just the start of the Government’s commitment to economic stability, job creation, and higher standards of living. Poland continues to be one of the brightest prospects for investment in the European region.

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