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Why Setup Your Business in Bhutan

Economic Overview & Business Opportunities

Growth of Bhutan’s economy accelerated in Fiscal Year 2015 on revived domestic demand and continued expansion of construction on large hydropower projects. The outlook is for moderately higher growth from new hydropower output, strong domestic demand, and strengthened fiscal programs for economic diversification and small enterprise development. Strategies to enhance education and labor skills that are more attuned to economic demands will help make growth in Bhutan more inclusive and be global accounting solutions one day.

While Bhutan Government earns most of its revenues by selling hydropower to north India, other revenue earners include coal, gypsum, cement production and ferro alloys.

FDI inflows began in 2002, following the first FDO policy paper. The 2010 FDI policy was a significantly liberal policy. While many companies from France, Denmark and Bangladesh have expressed interest in investing hugely in the hydropower projects given the readily available market, Bhutan’s commitment to India to harness 10,000 MW till 2020, has barred FDI in the hydropower sector (ibid.).

The tourism industry is gaining momentum slowly but the government and the people are inclined to take it in cautious and measured paces. Each economic programme initiated by the government takes into account the country’s strong desire to protect its cultural traditions and natural environs.

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