Fund Services

With greater emphasis being placed on transparency in doing business these days, effectively managing funds has become increasingly critical, Here, at 3E, we offer professional fund administration services, fund accounting, valuation, securities lending, foreign currency exchange and cash management. Our fund manager will serve as an independent third party to protect the interests of investors.

Our experts will help you calculate the net asset value of the fund and work tirelessly to ensure clients get the most out of their funds without any unexpected delays. Our experts are well trained in the latest applicable systems, processes, rules and best practices and have access to an extensive network of service providers around the world.

At 3E, we only use the leading fund administration systems and provide high quality, customer driven services – all at very competitive prices. Call us today and we will provide you all the support you need at each stage of the process, right from the initial fund establishment and share registration to fund accounting, net asset valuations and corporate secretarial services.

Contact 3E Accounting International for further assist on Fund Services in the country you are incorporating.